Quick text now available in lightning

Sales team always hates switching between different systems to get information. Salespeople always have some templates stored somewhere which they would like to use on daily basis for e.g. set the description of a task when there was no answer. Earlier, users kept templates in a notepad or some other text editor and when it was needed agents would simply copy and paste it from there.

With Winter 19 this would be things of the past. Your sales team will love you once you enable this feature. It should be GA after Winter 19 goes live in production orgs. To reduce the configuration Salesforce will now give users the ability to share them with other users by default once folders are enabled for macros and quick text.

Enable folders for macros and quick text

Admins can enable folders for macros and quick text on the Macro Settings and Quick Text Settings pages in Setup.

enable folder sharing for macro -winter 19 salesforce

enable quick text and sharing-winter 19 salesforce

Important things to keep in mind

  • Users must have create, edit, and delete permission on the quick text and macros objects to create and manage quick text and macros
  • User should either be the owner of the folder or should have Manage access on the folder to share a folder for macros or quick text.
  • Admins and users having Modify All permission on the macros or quick text object can also manage folders.
  • Sharing settings on folders override sharing settings on individual items.
  • Macros and Quick text shared in Salesforce Classic will be overwritten once share and organize macros in folders is enabled.
  • If an item isn’t in a folder, only the owner, creator, and admin have access.
  • If the setting is disabled then the folder sharing is ignored and individual sharing settings apply.

Here are the places where quick text can be used.

Insert Quick Text into Emails with a click of Button.

Set the Channel field to Email when you create or edit a quick text to use it in emails.

create quick text email

Then look for the new quick text button when creating your emails.


The quick text button is also available for List Email.