Map Lead Source field on Lead to Account


Map Lead Source field on Lead to Account

We all have come across a request from our sales teams where the lead source has to be copied over to Account, Contact, and Opportunity once the lead is converted. Earlier, this was done by using some out of the box features as the standard Lead Source field on the Lead object was not mapped automatically to the Account Source field on the Account object

SalesForce has provided the users with the ability to map the newly created lead source to the Account Source (Account), Lead Source (Contact), and Lead Source(Opportunity) upon conversion. What does this mean for admins, going forward they will not have to write some custom logic or use Process Builders to update the values on conversion

lead source


Account Source Contact Lead Source Opportunity Lead Source

Do you have record types as well? you do not need to worry. Once you add the new lead source in the leads Salesforce will also display all the record types (if you have defined custom record types) and gives you the control to add it to the different record types on Account, Contact, and Opportunity and in a few clicks you have set up the lead source mapping to Account, Contact, and Opportunity on lead conversion.

How cool is that

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